Konferenz „Farbe und Gesundheit“ – Mensch – Natur – Licht – Material – Raum

Vom 25. bis 26. August 2022 fand an der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin die internationale Konferenz des Deutschen Farbenzentrums zum Thema „Farbe und Gesundheit“ statt. Im Zentrum stand die Suche nach Strategien zur nachhaltigen Gestaltung einer gesunden und lebenswerten Umwelt.


Biocolours and biomaterials like seaweed can help us probe pervasive, fossil-formed ideas of permanence and uniformity and suggest dynamic aesthetics. They shape our expectations and help us establish a more empathic relationship with the natural world we inhabit. What do natural colours and materials mean to us? How does using them impact the organisms and ecosystems they originate in? Julia Lohmann explores our relationship with the natural world and what we literally make of nature. Her seaweed sculptures and algae materials enable hands-on, multisensory engagements with matter and open-ended material-led experimentation, learning and reflection.