lecture at the international color conference ‚Value of Color‘

Justine Fox
CalzadaFox | London, GBR

Samstag 13. Oktober 2018
Dauer:  28:57 min


Color is often one of the last considerations in design and professional specification and yet it is the first attribute to be processed by our brains when we interact with a product or space. This presentation takes a conscious journey through our subconscious associations and physically responses to hue, tint and tone to understand how we use color in reflecting global trends. We’ll look at how these colors should be adapted to make a real connection between brand and audience that affects consumer purchasing.

Justine Fox –  short vita

Justine Fox is a color expert and creative director with over 13 years’ industry experience. She works closely with brands to develop their unique storytelling through color in product and communications in her consultancy Material Color. Her diverse global client base includes companies from accessories, art, automotive, branding, coatings, electronics, eyewear, flooring, food services, homeware and solid surfaces.

Responding to requests from industry, Justine recently co-founded CalzadaFox, a new educational color consultancy. Its mission ‘Untold Ideas’ aims to democratize color and empower professionals through the development of their understanding and use of business focused color.

Justine is an experienced speaker on colour design having held seminars and hosted workshops both privately and at some of the most exciting design exhibitions around the world. She’s a member of the Colour Group GB and an advisory expert for the NCS Global Trend Program.

Farbe im Design

Internationale Konferenz
HAWK – Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaft und Kunst
Hildesheim, Holzminden, Göttingen
Fakultät Gestaltung

12. & 13. Oktober 2018

Farbe im Design

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Justine Fox – Website – Instagram: @calzadafox


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