Karine Steculorum
uman360 | Antwerpen, BEL

Samstag 13. Oktober 2018
Dauer:  41:17 min


Why is color so important? In 85% of all buying decisions, color is the dominant factor. Two thirds of everything we process and remember is visual. Colors are wavelengths of light that have an enormous influence on us. They have a permanent impact on our daily lives, our state of mind, performance, hormonal state, metabolism and so much more. And still, color is one of the most neglected and underappreciated aspects in design & development, as well as in most creative education programs in the world.

Color impacts your company results every minute. Any communication or advertisement of your brand, product range or project uses color in a certain way. Our brain will subconsciously pick-up your message based on the visual components. The question is: is the right message conveyed?

The right colors sell. But the right color for the right consumer in the right country sells even better. That is how our Color Experts use the ground-breaking Color Navigator System to eliminate any doubt. By making a clear color profile and developing tailored made Color Dashboards based on your market data and target audience, we are able to predict and map which colors will work. Better yet, these improvements are measurable over time and can be used at any level. Communicating those choices across divisions has never been easier.
We work together with independent and international color experts as well as art institutes & universities, where the Color Navigator System is part of an educational or research program involving color. We invest heavily in offering support to the color and creative professionals of tomorrow, we believe sharing knowledge with other professionals is key!

Karine Steculorum – Kurzvita

I am a color navigator and can say that I am a true color addict. Not only by working and researching projects for many years in the creative field but also as partner of the company Color Navigator based on The Color Research Center, founded in 1995 by Ing. Luc Van Renterghem. Together with his research team, Van Renterghem examined how our brain interacts with color. The patented Color Navigator System is considered an authority when it comes to color and neuropsychology. My mission is to help companies understand the impact of color in every aspect of their business and apply it in their communication, design and innovation strategy. I coach companies to make the right color & design choices and create measurable results.

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